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Work from anywhere in the world! Wow…

Anyone interested in doing Quantity Take-off for construction? The person will need a computer, cell phone and reliable internet connection. Software and training is provided. Part-time and full-time are available. It can all be done from the comfort of your home and on your time once completed for the due date of the job. 

Click here to watch the tutorial for an Assistant Estimator (PLANSWIFT).

Take-off Work Scope: Basic

Measure the following in square feet or linear feet, etc. using PLANSWIFT Estimating Software:

1. Walls Partition - Interior & Exterior sf.

2. Ceiling sf.

3. Floors sf.

4. Door Count

5. Window Count

6. Tiles sf.

7. Wall Finishes e.g. Wall Paper, Wood Panels sf.

8. Lighting Fixture and Receptacle Count

9. Plumbing Fixture Count

10. HVAC Equipment & Fixture Count

11. Enter the above quantities into Excel template provided

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